Beta Tester Leaks Video Exposing List Animal

I was on a webinar recently with a guy I had never heard of before, Chuck Mullaney. I arrived at this webinar via one of the dozens of emails I receive in my inbox every day promoting this that or the other thing.

These turn out to be useful in a lot of cases so I stay subscribed even though a lot of the time they annoy me.

On this particular day I opened an email from David Eisner. I have purchased a few of his products and am happy with them so I stay on his list. He’s super knowledgeable about email marketing so I want to hear what he has to say particularly on this topic.

The email I got from him that day really piqued my interest because he was talking about a beta testing opportunity for a new email marketing platform.

I’ve been involved in some beta testing before and it usually works out pretty well for me so I usually at least check out what’s on offer and sometimes, depending on who it’s from and what the product is, I jump on it.

So, on this opportunity they were claiming that this new email marketing platform was potentially the most game-changing email marketing software that has been presented to the market since… well, autoresponders.

The guy who was developing the platform (Chuck Mullaney) is 13-year email marketing veteran and even though I had never heard of him before, David was vouching for him and it seemed like the guy had a lot of experience under his belt.

It remained to be seen if I would like him and what he had to say.

So, I decided to hear him out and BOY… am I glad I did!

What I saw got me really excited… I paused in disbelief.

Yes… that good!

This email marketing platform TRUMPS them all…even Aweber and GetResponse. It’s going to rock the industry for sure and I’m excited to see what will happen.

If you’re on any of the internet marketing forums or follow the news in the industry then you know that one of the main gripes people have about the autoresponder service they use is poor deliverability.

Well…this service basically puts an end to this headache…completely

I know, I know. Sounds too good to be true right?

Well…check out this video and then come back and tell me you don’t believe me. I dare you!

But unparalleled deliverability isn’t the only reason why it’s so game-changing.

Another incredible feature is superior list segmentation. You will be able to send broadcasts or autoresponders based on age, gender, location, etc.

This feature is REVOLUTIONARY

There are other wannabe plugins/softwares that can collect this data but NONE of them are capable of sending out emails filtered by this demographic data.

I could go on here but just telling you about the amazing things that List Animal can do doesn’t do it justice.

So I’ve put together a special video that goes through all the amazing, game changing features of List Animal.

You won’t want to miss this because you’re competition will get their hands on this and leave you in the dust.

I am moving all my lists over to this platform and using List Animal exclusively going forward.

Register for my full demo and review video of List Animal by connecting with me on Facebook below and I’ll show you why you should do the same.

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